People´s shopping habits change all the time, which means that a shopkeeper must face changing conditions as well. This is true, regardless of shop type, size and geographic location. And changes happen fast!
In fact, it wasn´t that long ago that the supermarket concept and self-service revolutionised the retail business.
The choise of a shopping basket may seem a simple detail. But, in fact, it´s a strategic choise -therefore,
  shopping baskets must also be further developed and adapted to the new ways of shopping.
Our product line of shopping baskets are good examples of the customer focused and shop-oriented approach that is needed in order to elaborate effective sales support. We put lot of effort into finding the optimum combination of form and function when we develop our baskets.
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Giant 30 litres
Super Big 28 litres
Big 22 litres
Mini 10 litres
Slim, SlimXL