Convenient shopping
Just like all the Franzén’s quality baskets, SuperBig is designed to let the customer shop conveniently. The basket is well-balanced and therefore easy to carry. The handle is easy to grip and locks in an upright position.
The shape of the basket, with its large bottom area, makes it easy for the customer to fill the basket with goods. the fine-mesh bottom keeps even tiny items from falling out. And, the fact that it´s an unusually elegant shopping basket is no drawback either.
Strong shop image
The rim of the basket has surfaces suitable for the shop name or other messages. There are special plates that easily snap into the rim.
The plates come in many diffrent colours matching or complimentary to the basket in a striking way. More info about colour and profiling go to ideas.

SlimXL turns two SuperBig shopping baskets into a supple robust and easy-to-handle shopping cart.