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Standard colours for the Super Big shopping basket. The colour numbering below follows the NCS standard and the RAL standard. Note that the colours displayed on your screen may differ from those of the real products.
An effective advertiser
Of course, there´s a trolley for the baskets. It can be equipped with a sign-support frame and customised signs. The support frame also functions as a handle, -simplifying relocation of the trolley, with or without baskets. For more info go to ideas.

Basket colour NCS RAL Art. No
Aluminium S 2500-N 9006 44104
Yellow S 0580-Y20R 1037 44105
Red S 1080-R 3020 44106
Blue S 2565-R80B 5005 44108
Green S 3065-G10Y 6032 44109
Handle colour      
Black S 9500-N   9011
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