A few words about us.
At Franzén International, we have decades of experience in retail trade and shopkeeping, both in Sweden, other parts of Europe, and the United States. Throughout the years, we have learnt that although the stores may look very different in countries, they still have something important in common: the ambition to care for customers and to meet their needs.
What is needed, is a customer-focused and shop-oriented approach that pervades all details of shop keeping. That is the philosophy behind our line of shopping baskets.
Our product line consists of various baskets, from the Giant, innovative in many respects, to the classic Big. The baskets and their accessories, are designed for optimal function and ergonomics.

Therefore, we are not only trades people but just as much consultants and much problem-solvers when it comes to shop keeping.
Environmental responsibility? Naturally!
Needless to say, our products meet today's environmental requirements. The baskets are made of polypropylene and polyamide. Which both are recyclable and approved for foodstuffs materials.
In order to offer a wider range of products we now have a close collaboration with our manufacturer, Nordiska Plast. www.nordiskaplast.se

Orders can be placed directly with me at Nordiska Plast.

Helena Franzén Svanberg

Ulf Franzén